What Is Hemp Plastic?

Hemp Plastic is an affordable bio based natural fibre composite to replace oil based raw materials.

Designed in Europe over 15 years and now produced in China, Hemp Plastics compete with engineering compounds in properties such as stiffness and high heat tolerance (HDT).

Both biodegradable and recyclable blends address global policies for CO2 reduction and oil dependence.

Hemp plastics are not made from hemp oil or hemp seeds, but from the stalk. They are the preferred options to PP-glass fibre, High Heat ABS and PC/ABS.

Flame retardant for specific grades, using halogen-free additives.

Not only do we supply granules, we provide smart solutions for our customers, and for their customers. We will lead you through every step of injection moulding.

NEW! 100% hemp keyrings, boxes, bowls and glasses case - available today.

In case our standard grade materials do not meet your requirments, our expert team can develop suitable tailor-made grades.


Hemp Plastic will substitute many products including:

  • PP or PLA-based NF-FR compounds for E&E industry: housings(eg. Laptop, GPS, smartphones), audio/video (e.g. mobile phone chargers), household (eg. Lamps), cookware (eg. Blenders), personal care and electricity covers (eg. sockets).
  • PP-based NF compounds for industrial construction parts, toys, civil works, railway
  • Biodegradable NF compounds for gardening, waterworks and coastal erosion

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    Learn more about industrial hemp farming.

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    Henry Ford and the first hemp plastic product? Watch a video of Henry Ford & his hemp plastic car

    and a 2011 version showing modern hemp plastics

    Recent Example Uses Of Hemp Plastic

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