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Hemp Plastics (UK) Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Paul Benhaim. This Company was supported by a global team who backed Paul's vision: "to offer a plant-based alternative to petro-chemical based plastics."

Paul's work within the industrial hemp industry has been pioneering since his first introduction through a store in Montreal, Canada in 1991. Here he learnt about the nutritional hemp seed and continued until he launched Europe's first hemp seed snack bar. This bar was taken from vision, through product and upscaling until it reached the Supermarket Chains in the UK and world-wide some years later.

During this Journey Paul realised that not only is industry plagued with transporting products globally, but also with a packaging problem that is often dumped on third world countries. Only recently is such waste issues reaching our 'first world' countries bringing the issue to our attention.

Rather than fight against existing systems Paul searched for a fibre based alternative. Without expecting Hemp to be a source for this it was shown through numerous studies that hemp fibres did have their use in re-enforcing recycled plastic materials and in totally substituting plastic in other materials.

A 'Frisbee'- the High Fly disc was created as an example of what could be done in the UK. Paul then worked at commercializing a technology to produce a mouldable material from 100% hemp suitable for producing high end furniture, lighting and more. This venture now incorporates various multi-million dollar business’

Here, at hemp plastics we now offer 4th generation injection mouldable materials. We also offer to turn these materials into products suitable for market by creating links with manufacturer's and end customers.

What would you like to be made from Hemp Plastic?

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We are, as those who keep in contact understand, devoted to research and development.

Our aim is to provide the latest in environmental and viable alternatives to petro-chemical based bio based plastics, raw materials and products.

Our work has taken us throughout the world where we represent the world's leading scientists and manufacturers of plant based plastics that range from compounds and blends to 100% hemp fibre materials as solid as stone.

Strength data is available upon request or from your distributor.

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