Injection MouldingInjection Moulding

This is our most popular natural fibre reinforced polymer. Made in standard and tailor made compositions, also in UL94, FR VO, V1 & V2 grades, providing an ecological solution for applications requiring material of good strength and high performance.

NB: This material is available from late 2010 and is a major improvement on previous hemp plastic materials.

Bio-based matrix, such as PLA, PHA or PBS are also available for providing an all sustainable bio-degradable compounds for special applications.

Options for higher impact or higher stiffness are available. All of our materials are fully recyclable. 100% Biobased materials are available in biobased matrix such as PLA, PHA or PBS We can also mineral fill for higher specific gravity. New colouring technology is now available with most colours including white, yellow, blue and natural.

This hemp plastic uses normal processing equipment.

Will you take the lead for the higher potential for economic growth our eco friendly plastics offer?

Hemp Plastic offers:

  • supply security
  • stable prices
  • low shrinkage rates
  • minor abrasion
  • good thermal stability
  • good dimensional stability
  • good uv stability

Ideal uses include: cosmetic containers, caps, electronics & engineering uses, car parts, toys, coral reef regeneration and any other injection mouldable piece. Hemp Plastic is most often a less toxic, better performing and more cost effective solution to glass fibre filled polypropylene.

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