Oxford English Dictionary DefinitionsMethods of Production

Injection moulding - the process of forming a material by forcing it, in a fluid state and under pressure, into the cavity of a closed mold. This is the most common production method used with Hemp Plastics.

Extrusion - a process in which heated or unheated plastic is forced through a shaping orifice (a die) in one continuously formed shape, as in film, sheet, rod or tubing.

Compression moulding - the method of moulding a material already in a confined cavity by applying pressure and usually heat.

Blow moulding - a method of fabrication in which a heated plastic mass is forced into the share of a mold cavity by internal gas pressure.

Transfer moulding - a method of forming articles by fusing a plastic material in a chamber and then forcing essentially the whole mass into a hot mold where it solidifies.

Vacuum Forming - a forming process in which a heated plastic sheet is drawn against the mold surface by evacuating the air between it and the mold.

Cast Film - is a film made by depositing a layer of plastic, either molten, in solution, or in a dispersion, onto a surface, solidifying, and removing the film from the surface. Films can also be made from Extrusion (see above).

Thermoplastic - a plastic that repeatedly can be softened by heating and hardened by cooling. In the softened state can be shaped. 90% of plastics are produced in this form.

Thermoset - a plastic that, after having been cured by heat or other means, is substantially, infusible and insoluble.

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